Don't Forget The Edges

Don't Forget The Edges

We provide lawn edging services in the Berlin, Ocean Pines, Ocean City, MD & Selbyville, DE areas

In landscaping, edging means creating and maintaining a thin barrier between your grass and what surrounds it, like your driveway or flower beds. This gives your lawn a clean, manicured appearance.

Lawncrafters includes edging in our lawn care service in Berlin, Ocean Pines, Ocean City, MD & Selbyville, DE. Give your yard that extra touch by scheduling lawn edging services today.




How can lawn edging improve your yard's appearance?














Good lawn edging is the difference between having cut grass and having a well-maintained lawn. Without lawn edging, grass blades naturally lean over driveways and walkways, preventing a clean line between the grass and pavement. Lawncrafters' lawn edging services keep your yard looking tidy.

Edging is often enhanced by a border of plastic trim, stone or brick, but still needs to be maintained just the same. Call our location in Berlin, Ocean Pines or Ocean City, MD today for a landscaping estimate.